12 Cool Christmas Jewelry Tutorials


stamped Christmas earrings (via impressart)

Christmas is a fantastic holiday, and we enjoy even the expectation of it. Let’s make some pretty Christmas-themed jewelry – for you or to give it as awesome gifts. You can take some pretty little jingle bells and make a necklace of them or a bracelet. A bow tie necklace not only brings the Christmas spirit but also looks elegant. Are you a sweet tooth? Then a candy cane necklace is a brilliant idea for you, and it can also be a cool gift for kids. Stamped hair pins of polymer clay will accentuate your hairstyle; a hex nut snowflake necklace is a cool accessorynot only for Christmas but also for winter in general. Look for more cool examples below and start crafting!


jingle bells necklace (via shelterness)

hex nut snowflake necklace (via letandas)

statement jingle bells necklace (via blog)

Christmas earrings (via shelterness)

bow tie necklace (via morenascorner)

candy cane-inspired bracelet (via mellywoodsmansion)

Christmas spool necklace (via mysocalledcraftylife)

snowflake ornaments into earrings (via mintedstrawberry)

candy cande necklace (via modpodgerocksblog)

stamped polymer clay hair pins (via happyhourprojects)

candy cane bow necklace (via linesacross)

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