15 Amazing DIY Christmas Garlands


Winter Sparkle Mirror Garland (via apartmenttherapy)

You probably already hear Christmas bells so your home should be already decorated accordingly. Although if you still search for some additions to your decor don’t hesitate to make several Christmas garlands. I’ve gathered for you some amazing ideas showing how you can do that. There are plenty of materials you can use, including Christmas lights, fabrics, pom poms, felt, paper and so on. Most likely you have something at your home so you won’t even need to buy anything. Enjoy these tutorials and make a bunch of garlands for your decor.

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Garland (via shelterness)

Twisted DIY Felt Garland (via purlbee)

DIY Paper Ornament Garland (via thesweetestoccasion)

Easy And Cheap DIY Snowflake Christmas Garland (via shelterness)

DIY Christmas Garland Of Twigs (via funkyjunkinteriors)

DIY Dixie Cup Holiday Garland (via heygorg)

DIY Glass-Like Stars Garland (via thecheesethief)

Handmade Felt Ball Garland for Christmas (via mysparkle)

DIY Lighted Paper Pennant Garland (via oncewed)

DIY Felted Wool Christmas Garland (via according-to-kelly)

Homemade Holiday Glitter HO-HO-HO Garland (via lifedesignsky)

DIY Christmas Lights Dolly Garland (via flickr)

DIY Holiday Glitter Garlands (via relish)

Straw And Pompom Holiday Garland Tutorial (via elsiemarley)

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