15 Cords Lighting Ideas

Cords Lighting Ideas

Here are 15 cords lighting ideas for you to devour. They are stylish and can be placed in any room. Pendant lighting can be a great addition to your living room or kitchen, because it’s very interesting. With a simple design and being minimalist they look great in a Scandinavian decor.


Tie the cords in a bunch and create an interesting chandelier


Try opting for various cord colors for a more diversified look

Red is a very popular and also very elegant and chic accent color

Cord-hanging pendant lights are also a wonderful choice for industrial decors

A very interesting chandelier-like design with a sleek and modern look

A light fixture which would look perfect in an industrial-style décor

Emphasize the high of the ceiling with straight, hanging cords

Here’s a very practical way of using cord-hanging light fixtures in the kitchen

Hanging cords are particularly suitable for the dining area

Create a net of cords and an interesting display on the ceiling

The diverse and bold colors combined with the interesting shape of the light bulbs create an eye-catching

The cord gives you freedom in choosing the height and place for the light fixture

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