15 DIY Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments


snowflake salt dough ornaments (via justcraftyenough)

Salt dough is a great and simple to make material for your Christmas creations. Making various ornaments of salt dough is a great idea also because you can spend time with your kids – just make the dough and let them create their own ornaments, develop their creativity! Create various figures – of animals and birds, of Santa, of stars and so on, or maybe various geometric ornaments with inscriptions and wishes. Bake the ornaments and let your kids paint them as they like. Below you’ll find different examples of salt dough recipes and ornaments you can make, get inspired!

snowflake salt dough ornaments decorated with a pen (via shelterness)

handprint Santa ornaments of salt dough (via takingtimetocreate)

salt dough heart ornaments (via spoonful)

black and white salt dough ornaments (via irocksowhat)

hummingbirds salt dough ornaments (via scissorsandspoons)

penguin star ornaments of salt dough (via oneartsymama)

round salt dough ornaments (via oleanderandpalm)

beautiful Christmas salt dough ornaments (via intimateweddings)

salt dough stars as ornaments or gift tags (via designeditor)

simple salt dough star ornaments (via cookquiltmakeandbake)

stamped salt dough ornaments (via agoldenafternoon)

salt dough ornaments and gift tags (via thecheesethief)

funny salt dough ornaments made by kids (via cutoutandkeep)

kids’ salt dough ornaments (via getouttamyheadplease)

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