17 Cool DIY Pencil Cases


Learners will soon go back to university and besides all the components and planners they need pen situations – maybe you need them, too. So here are several guides for you to create a pen situation for any individual and any flavor. Vibrant software and zip oral cavity pen situations are perfect for your little kids; you can create a pen situation almost of anything – from a bathroom tissue move to oilcloth. For those who really like crocheting – that is a very easy thing to crochet. If you do not like stitching, you can create a non-sew pen situation. Below you will find some more amazing guides – appreciate and begin crafting!


triangular leather pencil case (via monsterscircus)


oilcloth zippered case (via momtastic)

stylish pencil case (via shelterness)

pencil case (2 of 2)

crochet pencil case (via petalstopicots)

DIY Pencil case from toilet roll and felt | onelmon

felt toilet paper roll pencil case (via onelmon)

pencil case tutorial with scraps

pencil scrappy pouch (via monkeyseemonkeydo-jennifer)

No-sew Leather Pencil Case

no sew leather pencil case (via pm-betweenthelines)

pretty decorated pencil case (via hereiamloulou)

Zipper Pencil Case

zipper pencil case (via craftpassion)

robot zipper mouth pencil case (via makeit-loveit)

creative pencil purse (via voyagesofthecreativevariety)

Zip It Up Pencil Case

zip it up pencil case (via craftpassion)

zipper mouth pencil case (via makeit-loveit)

twin zip pencil case (via jembellish)

pencil tube

felt scallop pencil tube (via wildolive)


simple fabric pencil case (via aspoonfulofsugardesigns)

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