55 Wonderful Christmas Living Room Décor Ideas


Guys, it’s high time to decorate your space for Christmas – why not enjoy the holiday as long as you can? Of course, the living room is the central space of any house because here you enjoy the company of your friends and relatives, sit next to the fireplace and unwrap the gifts. Any style you like – we’ve gathered various décor ideas that would take to the Christmas dreams! Different colors and décor pieces, various mantels and fireplace decorations, stunning Christmas trees – here you’ll find everything! Scandinavian, traditional, glamorous, rustic, minimalist décor ideas – take a look at the gorgeous 55 Christmas living rooms and dip into the Christmas fairy-tale!























































15 DIY Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments


snowflake salt dough ornaments (via justcraftyenough)

Salt dough is a great and simple to make material for your Christmas creations. Making various ornaments of salt dough is a great idea also because you can spend time with your kids – just make the dough and let them create their own ornaments, develop their creativity! Create various figures – of animals and birds, of Santa, of stars and so on, or maybe various geometric ornaments with inscriptions and wishes. Bake the ornaments and let your kids paint them as they like. Below you’ll find different examples of salt dough recipes and ornaments you can make, get inspired!

snowflake salt dough ornaments decorated with a pen (via shelterness)

handprint Santa ornaments of salt dough (via takingtimetocreate)

salt dough heart ornaments (via spoonful)

black and white salt dough ornaments (via irocksowhat)

hummingbirds salt dough ornaments (via scissorsandspoons)

penguin star ornaments of salt dough (via oneartsymama)

round salt dough ornaments (via oleanderandpalm)

beautiful Christmas salt dough ornaments (via intimateweddings)

salt dough stars as ornaments or gift tags (via designeditor)

simple salt dough star ornaments (via cookquiltmakeandbake)

stamped salt dough ornaments (via agoldenafternoon)

salt dough ornaments and gift tags (via thecheesethief)

funny salt dough ornaments made by kids (via cutoutandkeep)

kids’ salt dough ornaments (via getouttamyheadplease)

26 Cool DIY Christmas Gift Tags


original Christmas gift tags (via ashleycalder)

Christmas is not so close but we’ve already started thinking of its magic and charm. To please your closest, besides a gift, you need to make it look special, so beautiful wrapping and a tag is a must-have. We’ve gathered some simple tutorial to make an original and whimsy tag – not a printable but a cool piece that will make your gift stand out. Below you’ll find simple vintage tags, tags made of wood for rustic Christmas, those made of salt dough and sweet cookies tags. Cardboard houses imitating gingerbread – isn’t that great for tags? Washi tape in Christmas colors is great for gift tags – just write a name and that’s it!


photo wooden tags (via dreamalittlebigger)

felt gift tags (via nelliebellie)

stamped gift tags (via shrimpsaladcircus)

clay gift tags (via lisastorms)

gingerbread house tags (via warmhotchocolate)

wooden stamped tags (via pysselbolaget)

vintage gift tags (via popsdemilk)

sugar cookie gift tags (via nelliebellie)

glittered and stamped gift tags (via carlaschauer)

washi tape gift tags (via makinghomebase)

yummy cookies gift tags (via pixel-whisk)

chalkboard gift tags (via curlybirds)

sharpie gift tags (via designdininganddiapers)

trees and hearts gift tags (via curiousandcatcat)

Mod Podge gift tags (via createcraftlove)

gift tags with markers (via madiganmade)

polymer clay gift tags (via happyhourprojects)

snowflake glitter gift tags (via warmhotchocolate)

crochet wreath tags (via gratefulprayerthankfulheart)

salt dough stamped tags (via thecheesethief)

hand printed gift tags (via blog)

chalkboard gift tags (via ohthelovelythings)

hand stamped clay tags (via diyonthecheap)

simple and cheery gift tags (via theperfectpearpair)

chalkboard gift tags of various shapes (via theplumednest)

18 Awesome Cinnamon Crafts


Christmas cinnamon house (via knowhowshedoesit)

As for me, cinnamon aroma always reminds me of Christmas and New Year – the coolest holidays of the year! It’s very bracing and makes you feel cozy, that’s why today we offer you to look at some cool Christmas crafts made of cinnamon sticks or with just cinnamon to smell the joyful Christmas. Christmas ornaments made of cinnamon cookies are the coolest thing ever – they look very yummy and last for long if you make the mix right. You can also gather a pile of cookies and make a garland of them – why not? Make a wreath or a house ornament of cinnamon sticks – that’s so cute! To take care of yourself, you can make a cinnamon scrub – it’s like a spa procedure: care plus a wonderful smell in one! Look for detailed tutorials below and Merry Christmas!


cinnamon cookies garland (via hoosierhomemade)

cinnamon sticks coaster (via cookquiltmakeandbake)

cinnamon cookies ornaments (via lifestooshorttoskipdessert)

cinnamon sticks, cranberry and pine cones ornaments (via folklifestyle)

cinnamon dough ornaments (via happyhourprojects)

cinnamon star ornaments (via dandelionsonthewall)

cinnamon horse gift tag (via bigcitylittlejoys)

cinnamon sticks wreath (via apartmenttherapy)

stamped cinnamon cookies (via dreamalittlebigger)

cinnamon and dried orange (via dailysqueeze)

glued cinnamon sticks wreath (via craftsunleashed)

cinnamon pinecones (via treasureinanearthenvessel)

cinnamon sugar gifts (via fabricpaperglue)

cinnamon ornaments and gift tags (via thesoho)

cinnamon apple sauce ornaments (via lifeonlakeshoredrive)

cinnamon sugar scrub (via savynaturalista)

cinnamon and vanilla body scrub (via claireabellemakes)

55 Stunning Christmas Window Décor Ideas


Decorating for Christmas don’t forget about some particular pieces like a mantel, doors and windows. Let’s see how you can decorate the windows in your home for Christmas. There are so many ideas and styles to choose! Hanging wreaths, ornaments, pinecones, gifts, advent calendars, even cookies – you can hang almost everything you want to! Lights are a very cool and kid of romantic idea – it’s suitable for every window and great even after the holidays. If you don’t want to hang anything, decorate the window sill then. Put evergreen plants, pinecones, branches in bottles or vases, some figures or even a small Christmas tree. Enjoy various window décor ideas below and start decorating for the holidays!
























































12 Cool Christmas Jewelry Tutorials


stamped Christmas earrings (via impressart)

Christmas is a fantastic holiday, and we enjoy even the expectation of it. Let’s make some pretty Christmas-themed jewelry – for you or to give it as awesome gifts. You can take some pretty little jingle bells and make a necklace of them or a bracelet. A bow tie necklace not only brings the Christmas spirit but also looks elegant. Are you a sweet tooth? Then a candy cane necklace is a brilliant idea for you, and it can also be a cool gift for kids. Stamped hair pins of polymer clay will accentuate your hairstyle; a hex nut snowflake necklace is a cool accessorynot only for Christmas but also for winter in general. Look for more cool examples below and start crafting!


jingle bells necklace (via shelterness)

hex nut snowflake necklace (via letandas)

statement jingle bells necklace (via blog)

Christmas earrings (via shelterness)

bow tie necklace (via morenascorner)

candy cane-inspired bracelet (via mellywoodsmansion)

Christmas spool necklace (via mysocalledcraftylife)

snowflake ornaments into earrings (via mintedstrawberry)

candy cande necklace (via modpodgerocksblog)

stamped polymer clay hair pins (via happyhourprojects)

candy cane bow necklace (via linesacross)