12 Comfy Window Seats


Having a windows seat is very great, you can seat at a comfy place at the windows and just watch the views. After New Year’s Eve everyone should have a window seat just to get you all relaxed up and to give you a great feeling. The designs shown below are made by the companies/artists with their name below the image, if you like the article share it with your friends and family, everyone should know about this great designs.

Taylor Lombardo Architects  A Window Seat For Your Cozy Home

by Taylor Lombardo Architectures

Archer Buchanan Architecture  A Window Seat For Your Cozy Home

by Archer Buchanan Architecture


by Cary Bernstein Architect


by DeGraw Dehann Architects


by DeGraw Dehann Architects


by Patterson Custom Homes


by Schrader Companies


by Rockwood Cabinetry


by Megan Nordin Designs


by Mahoney Architects & Interiors


by Highline Partners


by Feldman Architecture

30 Stunning Ceiling Designs


Everyone has ceilings, but some people have amazing ceilings that stand out from the crowd. Despite the major work you have to do for creating and designing an awesome ceiling in your bedroom or living room, when you finish it, it will look wonderful and your friends and family will be amazed by it, giving a unique and individual look that leaves an incredible impression in the minds of people who step into your home. Enjoy and please share the article. :-)

Cool contemporary interiors with recessed ceiling lighting that dazzles with class 33 Stunning Ceiling Design Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

So let’s delve into an amazing collection of ceiling designs that will surely inspire you.

Elegant ceiling and warm lighting gives this living space an immaculate appearance 33 Stunning Ceiling Design Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

by Lee Wetherington Homes

Exquisite wood trim ceiling to match the beautiful hardwood floors in this traditional home office

by Prestige Custom Building & Construction

Fabulous ceiling and cool lighting fixtures turn this modern bedroom into an absolute dream

by Jaque Bethke for PURE Design Environments

Brilliant ceiling and lavish glass windows create the perfect ambiance for this drawing room area

by Garret Cord Werner

Chic ceiling design with multiple illuminated squares for the lavish bedroom

by Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design

Classic tray ceiling design uses an artistic fan to accentuate the beauty of this bedroom

by Sutton Suzuki Architects

Beautiful ceiling creates a virtual island of wood to accommodate the dining area

by Phil Kean Designs

Tasteful bedroom ceiling incorporates skylight in its design


Unusual ceiling pattern and amazing decor give this home a dazzling look


Stylish light ceiling, cool blue walls and dark flooring offer lovely contrast to this weekend getaway bedroom

by Crisp Architects

Striking stencil design and gorgeous scone lighting bring this ceiling to life

by John Kraemer & Sons

Softly-lit sapele mahogany ceiling coffers complete this amazing bedroom design


Sizzling living room ceiling is illuminated in warm hues

by Urban Concepts Modern Fireplace Design

Simple and subtle wood paneled ceiling incorporates the existing wooden beams seamlessly

by Wright Street Design Group

Simple and stylish tray ceiling design is perfect for every contemporary home


Barreled ceiling with beautiful trim inside offers an interesting variation from the monotony


Eclectic kitchen design with island bar and cool blue ceiling

by XTC Design Incorporated

Dramatic ceiling design promises this house an inimitable interior

Elaborate ceiling in wood gives this traditional home office a timeless look

by Murphy & Co. Design

Innovative ceiling design gives this minimalist bedroom a futuristic feel


Interesting and illuminated ceiling panels for the lounge area


Living room with graceful and understated ceiling and lovely soothing tones


Contemporary kitchen sports a stylish ceiling in white with cove lighting

by Design First Interiors

Gold-leafed starburst mirror on the ceiling steals the show in this royally styled study


Vaulted bead board ceiling demarcates this living space borders with class

by Michael Robert Construction

Futuristic-styled contemporary bedroom design with a stunning ceiling

Artistic ceiling design and lovely chandelier give this dining room in neutral tones a classic look

by Candace Cavanaugh Interiors

Modern fireplace and snazzy ceiling give these interiors a refined appeal

by Birdseye Design

Painted tile ceiling for the daft little dining room


4 Houses On Wheels


Check out the images below, they are interesting and intelligently build by people, the price for them are high, more than $25,000. Who can afford them are very lucky. Rustic look and modern houses are presented below, even though I only found 4 of them, I hope you will enjoy them and share with your friends. The house at the middle of the article is my favorite, as it looks luxurious and the best thing is that it has wheels. Enjoy!

[from ThisWeek Community News]

Tiny House on wheels Houses on Wheels That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

 [from Tall Man’s Tiny House]

Modern home on wheels

 [from Tall Man’s Tiny House]

Kitchen of the Tiny House on wheels

[from Tall Man’s Tiny House]

Compact shower of Tiny House on wheels

[from Tall Man’s Tiny House]

Back exterior shot of tiny house on wheels

[from Tiny House Blog]

Tiny house on a flatbed trailer

 [from Tiny House Blog]

Close-up of a tiny house

[from Tiny House Blog]

Tiny house interior

[from Tiny House Blog]

Bamboo walls in a tiny house

[Images below from Olson Kundig Architects]

Rolling huts in the snowy landscape

Check out Rolling Huts.

Rolling huts


The wheels on the hut go round and round


Rolling huts interior

Leafhouse/Laird Herbert via Tiny House Talk

Leaf House on wheels


Leaf House close-up


Interior of Leaf House on wheels


Leaf House on wheels interior view


Leaf House kitchen


10 Cool DIY Beds


Minimalist and beautiful modern DIY beds, they are easy to build and will give you a great feeling. One of the best are similar to Jennifer Aniston’s bed, it’s the first one. You can make it. Click the links below the image you like and you will see the tutorial for the DIY Bed. From asian-inspired bed platforms to traditional bed platforms with hairpin legs, you will love the collection below and I bet it will inspire you to make one for yourself, who doesn’t like to sleep in a modern minimalist bed. Enjoy!


contemporary style platform bed Easy to Build DIY Platform Bed Designs

from DIYLife

DIY floating platform bed Easy to Build DIY Platform Bed Designs

 (source: myDIYhome)

Black platform bed with a modern wood clad bedroom wall


[image from mabledesign.com]

Asian-inspired bamboo platform bed

from  HGTV

Floating platform bed design with an elegant flair

from DIYNetwork

DIY traditional platform bed with hairpin legs

George Nelson Case Study Bed, folks at 2Modern

DIY floating platform bed with king size mattress

 by Ana White

DIY queen size platform bed

Design from Shanty-2-Chic.

Minimalist DIY platform bed design

Design inspired by LAX Series

Beautiful DIY platform bed with neon lighting


10 Beautiful DIY Coffee Tables


I’m presenting to you DIY (Do It Yourself) coffee tables for your home. It’s nice to make your own coffee table, you will always be proud that you made it. I bet your friends and family would love it. From rustic to modern, the images below show the masterpieces of the people that created them. Simply beautiful. Enjoy!

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table 12 Gorgeous DIY Coffee Tables

Wine Crate DIY Coffee Table 12 Gorgeous DIY Coffee Tables

DIY Rustic X Coffee Table

Modern Anthropologie DIY Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Table Hairpin Legs

Modern Industrial DIY Coffee Table

DIY Glam Ikea Coffee Table

DIY Padded Ottoman Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Spool Library Coffee Table

 Source: decoist

20 Incredible Wine Cellar Ideas


“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

Everything involved with wine is sophisticated and needs perfection and precision. Modern homes having wine cellars is becoming more and more popular this days, as everyone wants to show the rest of the world what great storage they have for fine. Take a look at some ideas below and start designing. Enjoy and share please.

Blue LED lighting and clear acrylic create a stunning modern wine cellar Intoxicating Design: 29 Wine Cellar And Storage Ideas For The Contemporary Home

by Beckwith Interiors

Floor to ceiling glass walls employed in this cool contemporary wine cellar Intoxicating Design: 29 Wine Cellar And Storage Ideas For The Contemporary Home

Horizontal wooden racks make for a cool addition

Purple Plather Chairs grab the attention here with ease!

by R Brant Design

Simple and elegant way to transform your basement into a wine cellar

by Jessop Architects

Transform your existing space with the addition of a wine storage unit

by NF Interiors

White interior and glass walls make this a perfect addition to a contemporary home

by Brandon Architects

Compact white kitchen separated from wine cellar using sliding glass doors

by Natalie Du Bois

Glass vases and a chandelier make lovely additions to the wine cellar

by Nadia Designs

Large archway with iron doors and wooden flooring give this wine storage space a traditional look

by John Kraemer & Sons

Modern and minimalist way to display your intoxicating collection

by Vin de Garde Wine Cellars

Ravishing wine cellar presents a refined look

by Degre 12

Recycled timber roof and back-lit onyx grace this beautiful wine cellar

by Bagnato Architects

Sliding glass doors seem to be a popular choice as they blend aesthetics with ergonomics

by Design First Interiors

Spiral staircase leading into a wine cellar that saves up on space

by ie-designs

Beautiful reserve wine racking system employed by this cellar

by Diamond Life

Gorgeous track lighting illuminates this wine cellar

by London Audio Ltd

Fabulous wine cellar is an inspiration in every sense of the word!

by RJ Dailey Construction

Stainless steel and glass cabinets perfect for a connoisseur

Stylish wine cellar for those who prefer the classic look

by Jaffa Group Design Build

10 Impressive Parking Garages


We have some impressive garages on planet Earth. Most of them are located in the USA and Germany, I personally like the USA parking garages better than any other. With stunning interior and exterior they improve the quality of the city architecture and gives you an awesome feeling when you go past the garages, but wait, you didn’t see the interior. If you didn’t traveled to the US or Germany, you should definitely take a look at the images shown below. Enjoy!

Autostadt Car Towers in Wolfsburg, Germany

Silos at Autostadt 11 Stunning Parking Garage Designs with a Contemporary Flair

Inside Autostadt Parking Space 11 Stunning Parking Garage Designs with a Contemporary Flair

Inside Autostadt 1

1111 Lincoln Road Parking Space, Miami

1111 Lincoln Road Parkind Space

by Herzog & de Meuron

1111 Lincoln Road- A closer look inside

1111 Lincoln Road 1

Car Park One, Oklahoma City

Car Park One in Oklahoma City

Designed by Elliott and Associates Architects

Car Park One in Oklahoma City- Stylish Parking Space

Herma Parking Building, South Korea

Herma Parking Building 1

Designed by JOHO Architecture 

Herma Parking Building - Night view

Herma Parking Building - Stunning Design

Herma Parking Building - Inside

Greenway Self Park, Chicago

Greenway Self Park 1

Greenway Self Park in Chicago

Greenway Self Park Utilizes Chicago's Wind Energy

Veranda Car Park, Rotterdam

Veranda Car Park 1

Architect Paul de Ruiter

Veranda Car Park in Rotterdam


Veranda Car Park- A closer look

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Garage

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Garage 1

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Garage 2

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Garage 3

Eureka Car Park, Melbourne

Eureka Car Park in Melbourne

Designer Axel Peemoeller

Eureka Car Park- Never get lost!


Eureka Car Park- color coded interiors

Marina City, Chicago

Marina City in Chicago

Marina City in Chicago- Parking space in the towers


Kansas City Public Library’s Community Bookshelf

Kansas City Public Library's Community Bookshelf 1

Kansas City Public Library's Community Bookshelf 2


Kansas City Public Library's Community Bookshelf Parking

Parkhaus Engelenschanze, Germany

Parkhaus Engelenschanze at night

Parkhaus Engelenschanze 1

Parkhaus Engelenschanze- Inside the glass car palace

20 Comfy Hanging Bed Designs


Having a suspended bed in your bedroom is a cool idea and you can make it too, it’s not that hard, you just need some material and time, but there are companies out there that do the design for you + they also make them, I cannot give you a price for this but I don’t think their expensive. Hanging beds will give you a sense of relaxation. Please enjoy the image collection and share the article with your friends on social media.

Hanging outdoor day bed is all about relaxing in style 29 Hanging Bed Design Ideas to Swing in the Good Times


Stunning screened porch with a hanging bed offering the best seat in the house 29 Hanging Bed Design Ideas to Swing in the Good Times

by Sethbennphoto

Suspended bed swing ideal works well with any setting

by Platinum Series

Eclectic attic bedrooms with Nordic design for hanging beds

by Professional Construction Solutions LLC

An exuberant way to liven up your living room

by Fabio Galeazzo

Full size bed swing adds to the relaxing atmosphere here

by Vintage Porch Swings LLC

Classic hanging bed with plush bedding in the lounge turns your home into an exotic retreat

by MCM Design

Awesome round hanging bed design for a vacation-like feel



Hanging bed design that promises a romantic getaway from the world below


Hanging bed offers plenty of space for a cool hangout


Beautiful contemporary bedroom with stylish hanging bed and cool lighting

by IPD Partners, Inc

Bunk beds for the kids bedroom with a suspended twist!

by Visbeen Associates, Inc

Hanging bed makes for a nice space saving bunk in the kids' room

Lovely example of what a hanging bed can add to your home or porch

by Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Cool blue swing beds design set in a relaxing atmosphere


Simple and stylish hanging beds in a room clad in wooden tones


Bunk room with hanging beds and nautical theme for the kids

by Brian Watford ID

Gorgeous green swing bed in the backyard with shade


Hanging bed above home office area to save up on space!


Easy and elegant way to make kids' bedroom a whole lot more fun

by Market of fleas

20 Modern Fish Tanks


Here are some ideas for you, fish tanks are often bought for the mood they gave to you, it gives you more than relaxation and inspiration. With tropical fish to inspire you and keep you a little bit of company, you will work happily and more relaxed than never before. Check them out below and let me know what you think. Please enjoy and share.

Stunning fish tank design that really kicks in with the green 28 Modern Fish Tanks That Inspire Relaxation


Contemporary fish tank rafted in hues of captivating red 28 Modern Fish Tanks That Inspire Relaxation


Brilliantly artistic fish tank takes plenty of care to create


An aquarium that truly looks out of this world!


Playful and contemporary fish tank


Tropical fish tank that truly looks vibrant and stunning


Awesome coral fish tank brings home the world's oceans


Freshwater fish tanks are far easier to maintain than saltwater tanks


It is not always the fish who steal the show in modern fish tanks


Beautiful home fish tank looks balanced and vivid


Coral placed with care can create stunning and visually grand fish tanks


Elegant modern aquarium with a cool backdrop


Tropical fish tanks allow for using more colorful and brighter fishes


Salt water fish tanks can mimic the ocean bed to perfection


Simple and stylish fish tank design


Spectacular fish tank seems to contain every possible color and shade!


Tropical aquarium designs offer plenty of color and wide variety


Stylish Fish tank all about creating the cool blue ocean indoors!


Placement of underwater green and proper cleaning are a must for every fish tank


Lovely coral fish tank with plenty of color


Freshwater Aquarium with plenty of life in it