Wonderful Melbourne Apartment

Melbourne Apartment

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Designed by: Dan and Paul Honey Fuog

Wonderfully designed, with style and simple interior, this cozy Melbourne apartment will inspire you to make some changes in your home. There are plenty of wood in this apartment, making the rooms feel inviting. Being minimalistic, the interior design is featured with a limited color palette. The rooms have parquet floors, and the green plants combined with the wood make this project be one of the best I’ve ever seen.

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12 Hand-painted Ceiling Murals

Hand-painted Ceiling Murals

You just have to check out this inspiring hand-painted ceiling murals. This style is very special as it’s hand made. White clouds, sky ceilings have wonderful elements in it that you need to put onto your ceiling. Not many people have this in their homes, it’s created to turn your house into a dream home. Just scroll down to check the ideas out and leave a comment if you like the images. Enjoy!

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17 Modern Rustic Home Designing Elements

modern rustic home

For your Modern Rustic Home I am going to present you designing elements that will come in handy. It’s easy to decorate your home with this pieces. The key to this style is having modern furniture, exposing natural architectural elements and an open floor plan for you. With large windows you can bring natural light in your home. This style is elegant and comfortable, enjoy the images shown below and get inspired.

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27 Old Drawers Decorating Ideas

old drawers

Here are a few example on how to decorate your home with old drawers. This decorating ideas are not so well know in Europe, but in the US, people actually decorate with them. Most of them are for an extra storage space, or helping you organize your stuff in your home. The decorations don’t cost that much, so why not try them, it also doesn’t take you much time to finish the project. Get inspired from the images shown below and start decorating.

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10 Wonderful DIY Headboards

DIY Headboards
Headboards are today in this amazing post with inspiring images. Headboards are elegant and easy to make; it doesn’t take much time, money and skills to make them. Just choose the fabric you like, tuft, cotton or cheap oil cloth in any color that fits your bedroom design. Look below for more inspiration and create your own cool headboard.