12 Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Bathroom makeover is a simple thing to do. Little things make a big difference in any design. Today I want to show you 12 ideas for you to get inspired and renovate your bathroom to make it more elegant and attracting. See the ideas below and leave your opinion in the comment section below. Oh, if you really like this article please share it with your friends. Enjoy!

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19 Wonderful Floor Pillow Ideas

floor pillow

Adding comfort to your home is a very important step in making you feel good. Floor pillows are just to comfort you. They can be used for meditation, a nook (comfy one) and maybe casual seating. With stellar style pillows can be a good design idea for your house, you can put them in corners, it’s just a versatile piece and a wonderful addition to your home space. Get inspired from the ideas shown below.

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33 Cool Scandinavian Balcony Design Ideas

Scandinavian Balcony Design Ideas

I want to continue and show you this time Scandinavian Balcony Design Ideas. The Nordic style is an amazing one, with minimalism integrated in everything. It’s elegant and beautiful, I know I told you about the colour scheme for the Scandinavian style, which is black and white, but it’s not necessary to use this specific colours, you can use red, green, grey, blue and purple. Relaxing colours and simple furniture should do the trick, also if you add natural wood it will make the design even more beautiful. Scroll down to see the lovely images and enjoy.  Continue reading