Tips for Spring Decorating

Post by Stephanie Murn

With Spring just around the Corner and many of us impatient for warmer weather, it is time for a change! Updating the look of any room can help usher in the new season even if the weather hasn’t quite gotten to us yet. Though winter may still be trying to stick around, spring is the perfect time to freshen up the decor of any space. Check out these easy and cost efficient ways to say goodbye to the cold weather and freshen up the whole house.

1. Throw on some color: Changing up the look of your furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Bringing in decorative pillows or throws in bright colors, can make furniture pop and change the entire look of a space. If you’re feeling adventurous and want a little more change, consider going for a slip cover or comforter in tropical type colors instead. Any of these will bring a new flavor to the room and make things feel much warmer.

2. Move, move, move! One of the easiest ways to make a room feel more alive is to change the layout of the furniture. Consider switching a love seat and sofa around to give the living room an update. In the bedroom, try moving the bed to a different wall. Using the natural light in the room to your advantage will also make things more warm weather friendly. Angling furniture toward windows can help the room feel lighter and more inviting.

3. Display your memories: Taking some of your favorite (yet rarely seen) photos out of storage can revamp a room in no time. Pull photos from your favorite family vacations out or take some candid shots of different outdoor spaces around town. Another alternative? Consider having Your photos redeveloped in different hues. Check to see if your local Walmart or pharmacy can add different effects to your pictures. It’s usually inexpensive and can add new and unique focal points to any room.

4. Declutter: Spring is the perfect time to go through closets and get rid of things we not longer need. Clearing things out can make a room feel larger and helps reclaim some of the space our clutter had been taking up. Many times craft stores and home improvement stores are a great resource for finding storage boxes and organizational ideas without blowing your budget.

5. Spruce thugs up: Finally, an obvious and easy way to get things ready for warmer weather. Give Your spaces a fresh coat of paint and give things a good cleaning. While picking a new wall color would definitely give the room a different feel, adding even a new coat of white paint to trim and baseboards helps to liven things up a bit.

Though it may seem like spring will take forever to come out of hibernation, one of the easiest ways to get in the warm weather mindset is to make the house as light and inviting as possible. Changing things up, even in the slightest ways, often times makes a space feel brand new and inspires you to fall in love with it all over again. By grabbing ideas from these easy and budget friendly tips, all of your spaces will feel as new as a breath of fresh, springtime, air.