23 Cool Comfy DIY Blankets


grey crochet blanket (via victoriabrikho)

During this really cold season my first thought is to find a warm blanket and sit in an armchair next to the fireplace. That’s why I’ve decided to roundup some cool blankets that you can make very easily. There are different ways to do that – to sew, to crochet, to knit, it’s up to you and your skills. For fall or winter it’s better to sew of warm materials like wool or you may sew a bright blanket to remember of sunny warm days in spring and summer. There are so many patterns to crochet or knit, so if you decided to do that – just find the yarn of your favorite colors and start creating! Below you’ll find some interesting ideas to make a blanket, get inspired!

Swiss army wool blanket (via handsoccupied)

flannel throw (via letsgosunning)

cozy quilt (via cherishedbliss)

USA knit blanket (via learntoknitwithkatie)

chevron throw blanket (via thegildedhare)

wet blanket (via crochet-hooker)

honey comb blanket (via itstwoam)

berry knit blanket (via thesweetersideofmommyhood)

colorblock granny square blanket (via livemodernly)

crochet chevron blanket (via yellowdandy)

crochet grey and pink blanket (via victoriabrikho)

colorful garden quilt (via craftpassion)

crocheted granny square blanket (via mymerrymessylife)

chunky crochet blanket (via thesweetersideofmommyhood)

simple boy crochet blanket (via thecraftymummy)

man crochet blanket (via facilysencillo)

fleece bias tape blanket (via seekatesew)

sunburst granny squares blanket (via akamatras)

crocheted blue blanket (via ladybythebay)

crocheted giant granny square blanket (via ladybythebay)

minky taggie blanket (via livemodernly)

minky taggie blanket (via livemodernly)

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