23 DIY Chalkboard Labels Ideas


Chalkboard labels come in handy if you are a person who forgets things quite often or if you love quotes or surprise people by leaving them cute or inspiring messages. Chalkboard tags are ideal if you want to make your gift more special by adding a few words filled with love for your lover, your dear friend, mother, etc. Other ways to use these little, yet beautiful tags is to add them to your spice jars/ food jars just make things easier and of course more stylish or you could easily use these chalkboard labels to make signs for your flowers in the garden. Enjoy!

chalkboard jar labels (via victoriabrikho)

vintage chalkboard labels (via liagriffith)

chalkboard labels for ceramic containers (via ohsoverypretty)

chalkboard spice jar tops (via tattooedmartha)

chalkboard jar tops (via kitchensimplicity)

organizing spices with chalkboard circles (via acozykitchen)

chalkboard labels for jars (via cremedelacraft)

chalkboard labels for wine bottles (via design-that-inspires)

party cup labels (via cottonandbrass)

simple spice jar labels (via lavendersbluedesigns)

square jar lables for spice jars (via dreamalittlebigger)

chalkboard tags for to-go cups (via machemag)

gift jar chalkboard tags (via thatwinsomegirl)

chalkboard gift tags (via shelterness)

chalkboard place cards (via simplicityinthesouth)

chalkboard tags for presents (via shrimpsaladcircus)

reusable chalkboard labels (via makelifelovely)

chalkboard gift tags of different shapes (via theplumednest)

christmas gift tags (via rustsunshine)

chalkboard drink tags (via girlmeetsbowl)

chalkboard buffet labels (via momtastic)

chalkboard sign (via julieannart)

chalkboard plant markers (via areal-lifehousewife)

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