24 Cool Vintage Crafts For Christmas


vintage wooden spool trio (via modpodgerocksblog)

Vintage charm is exactly what you need for creating that special fairy-tale atmosphere at Christmas! This fashionable trend is everywhere now, so let’s make some vintage Christmas crafts. The simplest thing is a garland – just some vintage paper or images, crocheted bows or fabrics. Don’t forget of an advent calendar – also of fabric or paper. Make a vintage tree decoration of old beads; some old books tree decorations or a vintage cardboard bowl. Cute Christmas elves of felt, snowmen of clay planters, vintage inspired wreaths and snow globes will help you to design your vintage Christmas. Don’t forget about thegifts! Vintage gifts tags, ribbons and decorations, vintage cards are perfect to supplement the vintage design. Have a look at photos below and choose the idea that inspires you.

crepe paper topiary tree (via craftsncoffee)

vintage tablecloth Christmas stockings (via )

diy vintage Christmas bowl (via mysocalledcraftylife)

vintage Christmas pin cone elves (via mysocalledcraftylife)

advent ornament boxes (via burlapanddenim)

vintage bell jar ornaments (via )

vintage gift wrapping (via facilysencillo)

diy vintage dictionary flowers (via fromdahliastodoxies)

diy vintage stockings garland (via simpleasthatblog)

diy yarn bow garland (via rebekahgough)

diy vintage fabric garland (via buenovida)

glittery felt advent calendar (via ohmyhandmade)

vintage Christmas wreath (via thethrillzofhillz)

diy sparkling snow globes (via rebekahgough)

vintage mini-tree paper ornaments (via thesweetestoccasion)

diy vintage beads ornament (via poindextr)

vintage Christmas tree card (via apple-crate)

vintage Christmas gift wrapping (via mysparkle)

vintage clay pot snowmen (via craftsbyamanda)

vintage inspired pasta trees (via blog)

vintage book pages advent calendar (via francineclouden)

colorful vintage advent calendar (via mypoppet)

Christmas gift tags (via familyfreshcooking)

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