25 Non-Typical DIY Christmas Trees


beaded wall Christmas tree (via handmadecharlotte)

Though Christmas is rather far, it’s better to think of everything beforehand. If you want an original Christmas tree, which would attract attention and match your non-typical Christmas décor theme, we’ve gathered several cool DIY ideas for different styles. For natural or industrial décor you can attach some branches or wooden planks on the wall and add baubles or a garland, or just attach lights in the shape of a tree – and here it is! A paper tree, a pinecone tree, a baubles tree, an origami tree, a coffee tin tree – there are so many ways to create an awesome tree!


branches wall Christmas tree (via kulinarnimisli)

rolled paper Christmas tree (via craftaphile)

transparent pyramid-shaped tree (via shelterness)

origami Christmas tree (via goorigami)

IKEA Ribba Christmas tree (via shelterness)

coffee tin Christmas tree (via radmegan)

tabletop Christmas tree of colored paper (via shelterness)

3D paper illuminated trees (via easypapercrafts)

wall light Christmas tree (via shelterness)

metallic shells christmas tree (via atthepicketfence)

pom pom ribbon Christmas tree (via shelterness)

illuminated jars Christmas tree (via soyouthinkyourecrafty)

Christmas tree of books (via shelterness)

pinecone Christmas tree (via scissorsandspoons)

bottle cap Christmas tree (via shelterness)

crocheted Christmas tree (via blog)

beard board Christmas tree (via shelterness)

twine Christmas tree with buttons (via domesticallyblissful)

vintage spool Christmas tree (via shelterness)

twinkly wall tree (via taradennis)

scrap wood Christmas tree (via martysmusings)

Christmas ornaments tree (via arctida)

primitive branches tree (via look-what-i-made)

pom pom Christmas tree (via craftpassion)

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