26 Wonderful DIY Christmas Gift Tags


original Christmas gift tags (via ashleycalder)

Christmas is not so close but we’ve already started thinking of its magic and charm. To please your closest, besides a gift, you need to make it look special, so beautiful wrapping and a tag is a must-have. We’ve gathered some simple tutorial to make an original and whimsy tag – not a printable but a cool piece that will make your gift stand out. Below you’ll find simple vintage tags, tags made of wood for rustic Christmas, those made of salt dough and sweet cookies tags. Cardboard houses imitating gingerbread – isn’t that great for tags? Washi tape in Christmas colors is great for gift tags – just write a name and that’s it!

photo wooden tags (via dreamalittlebigger)

felt gift tags (via nelliebellie)

stamped gift tags (via shrimpsaladcircus)

clay gift tags (via lisastorms)

gingerbread house tags (via warmhotchocolate)

wooden stamped tags (via pysselbolaget)

vintage gift tags (via popsdemilk)

sugar cookie gift tags (via nelliebellie)

glittered and stamped gift tags (via carlaschauer)

washi tape gift tags (via makinghomebase)

yummy cookies gift tags (via pixel-whisk)

chalkboard gift tags (via curlybirds)

sharpie gift tags (via designdininganddiapers)

trees and hearts gift tags (via curiousandcatcat)

Mod Podge gift tags (via createcraftlove)

gift tags with markers (via madiganmade)

polymer clay gift tags (via happyhourprojects)

snowflake glitter gift tags (via warmhotchocolate)

crochet wreath tags (via gratefulprayerthankfulheart)

salt dough stamped tags (via thecheesethief)

hand printed gift tags (via blog)

chalkboard gift tags (via ohthelovelythings)

hand stamped clay tags (via diyonthecheap)

simple and cheery gift tags (via theperfectpearpair)

chalkboard gift tags of various shapes (via theplumednest)

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