8 Awesome DIY Brass Pieces – Decorating Ideas


brass swing lamp (via hellolidy)

Metal is a great-looking contemporary content, and effortlessly you should use it for interior decor. Take a classic brass lamp and update it right into a new one; make a holder or perhaps a furniture piece with brass handles, take an extended brass twig to make an awesome wall lamp. Look for a metal piece in a flea-market and transform it right into a terrarium – it’s simple, simply grow anything inside. Commercial lights and lamps could be made of metal tubes and typical bulbs – all that’s necessary to complete it, would be to connect the tubes or look for a ready framework. Search for even more great tips below and enhance your house with metal! 

brass and copper terrarium (via alionsnest)

geometric brass pipe pendant (via shelterness)

marble tray with brass handles (via almostmakesperfect)

brass birds for home decor (via lovemaegan)

easy diy rack with brass (via seriouscraft)

old brass lamp revamp (via billiemonster)

glass and brass jewelry stand (via shelterness)

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