5 DIY Leather Headboards

DIY Leather Headboards

Leather is an elegant material and it’s cool for making a headboard, with such a headboard your bed would look stylish and awesome. Using natural leather is very expensive, so if you don’t have any – just buy faux leather. Actually, making a leather headboard is just the same as making a fabric one, and you can make a usual, tufted or a diamond one very easily. An interesting idea is making a woven leather headboard using a metal frame – it will give your bedroom a cool rustic touch. Look at the ideas below and choose something for yourself!

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14 Elegant Paint Color Ideas

Elegant Paint Color Ideas

When designing any room, the best place to start is the paint color. It sets the atmosphere for the entire space – light and bright, beautiful and bold, or dark and cozy. You must also keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to just one color; rather you can get as creative as you want!  Think about a feature wall, color blocking, or even a gorgeous ombre. I have gathered plenty of inspiration to get you started on your painting journey!

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10 Modern Kitchen Storage Ideas

Modern Kitchen Storage Ideas

Designing and fitting in storage spaces for all the things usually needed in the kitchen is no easy task. Lots of things need storage. For example, where will you keep all your plates, the knives, the spice jars and what about all the other items you’ll be needing? You can’t just throw them all in one place. The key to a practical and functional kitchen design is being organized.

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15 DIY Heavenly Backyards


Have you ever thought about how easy would it be to create the perfect backyard? Many of us let the designer do his job, without even realizing how much money we could save just by using our imagination. I believe that perfect is what you need plus what you love. So, get ready to create your dreamlike backyard. Here you have some simple ideas and sugestions on how to put them into practice.

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