4 Houses On Wheels


Check out the images below, they are interesting and intelligently build by people, the price for them are high, more than $25,000. Who can afford them are very lucky. Rustic look and modern houses are presented below, even though I only found 4 of them, I hope you will enjoy them and share with your friends. The house at the middle of the article is my favorite, as it looks luxurious and the best thing is that it has wheels. Enjoy!

[from ThisWeek Community News]

Tiny House on wheels Houses on Wheels That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

 [from Tall Man’s Tiny House]

Modern home on wheels

 [from Tall Man’s Tiny House]

Kitchen of the Tiny House on wheels

[from Tall Man’s Tiny House]

Compact shower of Tiny House on wheels

[from Tall Man’s Tiny House]

Back exterior shot of tiny house on wheels

[from Tiny House Blog]

Tiny house on a flatbed trailer

 [from Tiny House Blog]

Close-up of a tiny house

[from Tiny House Blog]

Tiny house interior

[from Tiny House Blog]

Bamboo walls in a tiny house

[Images below from Olson Kundig Architects]

Rolling huts in the snowy landscape

Check out Rolling Huts.

Rolling huts


The wheels on the hut go round and round


Rolling huts interior

Leafhouse/Laird Herbert via Tiny House Talk

Leaf House on wheels


Leaf House close-up


Interior of Leaf House on wheels


Leaf House on wheels interior view


Leaf House kitchen


21 Square Meter Apartment In Sweden


This apartment is located in Sweden and it has only 21 square meters, but it has everything in it, such as natural light and a modern touch. It’s perfect for a young couple. The interior is made out of natural wood and lots of stunning red color. Check the images below and get inspired, maybe you have a 21 square meters apartment and you want it redesigned.









25 Welcoming Chalet Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Hi, please check out this awesome chalets, they are a perfect getaway destination for winter. They are inviting and unique. If you can remember you felt kinda cozy when you spent a night in a chalet. Check them out below. Enjoy!

Chalet Pearl

Chalet le Petit Chateau

One Oak Chalet

{found on tourismontheedge}

Les Gentians 1850

Le Chalet Zannier

Chalet K2

Chalet Atlantique

Chalet Brikell

Chalet Zematt Peak

{image from site}.

Chalet La Varappe

Chalet des Fermes

La Ferme d’Hélène

Chalet Beaumont

Chalet Gordy 1850