Industrial Loft In Downtown Vancouver

industrial loft

It was during the late 1960s and 1970s that the Tribeca neighborhood of Lower Manhattan became famous of the industrial style lofts that are now so popular across the globe. Since the region was dominated by industrial buildings, budding artists and young families quickly turned to this region of the city for some inexpensive housing. Dubbed today as “America’s most fashionable and desirable neighborhood”, its influence has quickly spread across the world. Part of the Tribeca Lofts in Yaletown, Vancouver this gorgeous home reflects chic industrial style even while utilizing the available space to the hilt.

Living room of the loft from the Mezzanaine level Industrial Loft Brings A Dash New York City Charm To Downtown Vancouver!

The interior of this elegant loft is exactly what you would expect from a home that brings along with it the ‘Tribeca’ moniker. A large exposed concrete wall welcomes you gleefully as the compact lower level houses a living room along with an L-shaped kitchen in the corner. With a spacious counter that is clad in stone and modern Bosch appliances, the kitchen seems to fit in perfectly with the theme of the loft. Frosted glass cabinets make use of the ample vertical space, even as the central gas fireplace keeps you warm through the cold winter nights.

Small living room idea for an industrial loft Industrial Loft Brings A Dash New York City Charm To Downtown Vancouver!

Tribeca Lofts in Yaletown Vancouver, Canada

large glass windows and a fireplace in the living room

L-shaped kitchen for the small corner kitchen

Exposed concrete wall in the living room

Ergonomic compact kitchen in a modern loft

Frosted glass cabinets for the small kitchen

Metal staircase with glass railing in a contemporary loft

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Home work area with exposed concrete wall

Beautiful bedroom in only white

Black and white bathroom with large mirror

Bathtub and shower combo for small bathrooms

Large clock idea in the modern bathroom

View from the small balcony of the loft

Corridor of the modern loft apartments

Facade of the Tribeca Lofts property

Floor plan for industrial tribeca loft


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