Tips for Decorating

Post by Stephanie Murn

There are many reasons to decorate a space. Sometimes decorating may be to change things up, at other times freshening things up may make a room more functional. One of the most common reasons to change the look of a space is to make a room seem larger. There are many easy and efficient ways to update the way your room presents itself in terms of space. The next time you’re looking to make your room feel more spacious, keep these simple tips in mind:

Color Changes Everything

When decorating or renovating, color is always crucial as you determine what you want your room to look and feel like. If you’re aiming to make a room feel larger, this component becomes even more important, as the color of a room sets the stage for first impression. While you’re selecting paint colors go for light shades of blue or gray. Even painting a lighter neutral shade on the walls, such as beige, will help open a room up. Though darker colors look nice, they tend to make a small room feel even more enclosed.

Go big or go home

One of the easiest ways to give the illusion of a larger room is to accentuate the height of the space you’re decorating, by drawing attention to the ceiling and making the sources of natural light stand out. A relatively quick and inexpensive way to do this is by changing the way the curtains are hung. Rather than placing a curtain rod at the top of a window, try placing it several inches above the top of the window frame, or even an inch or so below the ceiling help to give the illusion that the room is longer height wise. Another simple way of using this same approach, is to hang a curtain at the top of a wall and place a piece of furniture in front of it. Doing so will not only make the piece stand out, but it can also give your space the illusion of having a taller ceiling.

Two uses are better than one

The next concept will not only make your room feel larger, but it can also give you added seating or make for great living room pieces. Consider the functionality of the furniture in the room you’re working on. If the furniture is oversized, or if the pieces don’t fit well within the space, the things that are supposed to add character may be taking character away. Utilizing furniture that doubles as storage not only helps to maximize the space your room offers, but it can also make the room easier to entertain in. Contemplate adding ottomans that open to allow for a place to stash clutter or bringing in a piece that could house belongings while doubling as a coffee table, such as a trunk or chest. Switching out furniture in favor of elements that work for your whole house will not only help open up a room, but also make it more functional.

Reflect the space you have

The last idea that can help to make a room feel more open is one that you’ve probably heard before. Adding mirrors has long been a tip from designers when it comes to giving a room a larger look. Placing a good sized mirror at any angle in a room tricks the eye into thinking the dimensions of any size space are bigger. If you want to get creative, consider this fun play on the mirror idea: Break a medium sized mirror into several pieces and put it back together in different order on a wall of the space you’re decorating. This will enhance the visual size of the room while giving while giving you the added bonus of a great focal point and conversation piece!

When decorating a space to make it seem larger, any of these ideas will start your design projects off while still being considerate of your time and money. Regardless of the season for decorating, updating a space to maximize its’ full potential will always make it feel fresh and inviting!

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