Wow your friends and family with new and innovative ideas

If you are the kind of person who is house proud then the prospect of engaging in little make over exercises will always excite you. It’s nice to change things around to keep things looking refreshingly new and interesting. Unfortunately for most of us this exercise almost always takes a back seat because of budget constraints.

Memories, but not on the wall!

Well now there is a new and relatively inexpensive way of bringing excitement into your otherwise plain curtains without bursting your budget. The following are some simple steps to follow to getting this new look.

Easy to do process:

Step one – Take some time to select all your favourite pictures, images or even words.

Step two – transfer you selected items onto some transfer paper. You can get transfer paper at any general store or at your neighbourhood Walmart outlet.

Step three – place the selected images which are now on the transfer paper face down on the spot you want your image to appear on you curtain. Once firmly in place, simply use a heated iron to iron on the surface for a few minutes and your image is transferred.

Step four – once this is done, slowly peel off the transfer paper and you will see your chosen image beautifully displayed on your curtain.

Being innovatively different

You can create almost any design you want. You can change the overall look and colour of your curtains without actually having to spend a lot of money getting new ones. This way you will not only have whole new look for your home but will also be on the receiving end of a whole host of compliments when others view you innovative handy work.  Unleash your creative side in an inexpensive way.

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